Sunday, February 13, 2011


 ~•~ I  these VintageValentines ~•~
I found these Postcards a while ago, and just knew I needed to use them in a project –
(here's an example of 2 from the series)
I decided to make VintageValentines with my 5th grade girls
~~~ LOVE was in the AIR ~~~
 So, I made a bunch of B&W copies (lightest setting)
First, I showed them how to distress the WOOD
 Banging away with the hammer (loud!!) ~ which of course most of them loved 
and then they painted their WOOD in a Valentine's Day color of choice!  

Then I showed them how to color tint with color pencils

I showed them how to gently rip the edges to add to an even more disrtessed look.
Once the paint was dry, it was time to put their NEW VintageValentine on their wood.
They brushed on a light coat of ModPodge...
placed the artwork on the wood, gently smoothing it down to get rid of air bubbles...
then put another light coat of ModPodge on top, to seal it. Time to dry.
Here are a few examples of their finished artwork. LOVE them!!!

~•~Happy VintageValentines Day~•~

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