Saturday, February 19, 2011

LOVE in our heARTs

February is American Heart month... so we ended the month by puttin' lots of LOVE in our heART...  6 to be exact, using ~Recyclable Hearts~
To make this, we used die-cut hearts in frames (4x4-1/4), WaterColor paper (8-1/2x11), 
a pencil, crayons, and liquid watercolor paints.
First, I die-cut a bunch of hearts in frames out of recycled corrugated boxes ~
using my Accucut machine & the Rectangle w/ Heart die. LOVE my Accucut!
I gave everyone 1 heart frame, a piece of Watercolor Paper, and a pencil. They used the heart frame as their tracer. They lined their tracer along the top left corner of the paper, traced it, then continued along, tracing 3 across in the first row...
And then, lining up with the first row, traced 3 across in a second row.
They had fun coloring in all their traced hearts with crayons, pressing hard to make the colors very vibrant!

And then painted in each rectangle with watercolor paints. They loved seeing how the crayon resisted the watercolors.
Once all painted, it it time to dry. 
These look like they're ready to frame. LOVE in our heARTs ~>

So prettyFUN, and Enviro-Friendly, too!
Time to find some recycled boxes to make those frames.

Want more ARTrageous Recyclables...

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