Saturday, February 19, 2011

LOVE in our heARTs

February is American Heart month... so we ended the month by puttin' lots of LOVE in our heART...  6 to be exact, using ~Recyclable Hearts~
To make this, we used die-cut hearts in frames (4x4-1/4), WaterColor paper (8-1/2x11), 
a pencil, crayons, and liquid watercolor paints.
First, I die-cut a bunch of hearts in frames out of recycled corrugated boxes ~
using my Accucut machine & the Rectangle w/ Heart die. LOVE my Accucut!
I gave everyone 1 heart frame, a piece of Watercolor Paper, and a pencil. They used the heart frame as their tracer. They lined their tracer along the top left corner of the paper, traced it, then continued along, tracing 3 across in the first row...
And then, lining up with the first row, traced 3 across in a second row.
They had fun coloring in all their traced hearts with crayons, pressing hard to make the colors very vibrant!

And then painted in each rectangle with watercolor paints. They loved seeing how the crayon resisted the watercolors.
Once all painted, it it time to dry. 
These look like they're ready to frame. LOVE in our heARTs ~>

So prettyFUN, and Enviro-Friendly, too!
Time to find some recycled boxes to make those frames.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011


 ~•~ I  these VintageValentines ~•~
I found these Postcards a while ago, and just knew I needed to use them in a project –
(here's an example of 2 from the series)
I decided to make VintageValentines with my 5th grade girls
~~~ LOVE was in the AIR ~~~
 So, I made a bunch of B&W copies (lightest setting)
First, I showed them how to distress the WOOD
 Banging away with the hammer (loud!!) ~ which of course most of them loved 
and then they painted their WOOD in a Valentine's Day color of choice!  

Then I showed them how to color tint with color pencils

I showed them how to gently rip the edges to add to an even more disrtessed look.
Once the paint was dry, it was time to put their NEW VintageValentine on their wood.
They brushed on a light coat of ModPodge...
placed the artwork on the wood, gently smoothing it down to get rid of air bubbles...
then put another light coat of ModPodge on top, to seal it. Time to dry.
Here are a few examples of their finished artwork. LOVE them!!!

~•~Happy VintageValentines Day~•~

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Friday, February 11, 2011


Putting a little more LoVe in our Valentine's this year... 
Let the kids make LUVTUBES
And while they're showing their LoVe this holiday
they'll be  recycleing and repurposeing too.

For this project you will need a toilet paper tube2 egg cups from an egg carton,
a small jar of *Glitter* ModPodge
(ok, I never met a kid yet that doesn't LOVE *Glitter* MP!)
pretty Valentine Day colored tissue squares
a little white paint, a small hole punch, a piece of string,
paper (sugg 4-1/4x 11) & markers for a LUV♥filled note,
and needless to say, a whole lot of LOVE!!!
First, find an egg carton that has circular cups. Cut 2 cups from the bottom of the egg carton. Trim the edges to make semi-circles. 
Place one cup in an opening of the paper tube to see how nice & snug it fits. Then glue in place. Push cup down gently. 
>Once it is dry, I like to put a coat of white paint on the tube, so the tissue squares will be more vibrant. Let dry.<
Using a small brush, put a little *Glitter* Mod Podge on a small section of the paper tube. Then put a tissue square on that spot and pat down with your finger or brush. Then add a little *Glitter* Mod Podge on top of the tissue to get all the edges down.
Repeat that over and over again, overlapping the squares, until the whole tube and cup is covered. Cover the separate cup, too.
While the pieces are drying, it is a good time to have the kids make their LUV•filled notes. 
We used regular copy paper and cut it in half the long way (4-1/4x11) to have more space to write and more to roll!
Once it is dry, punch a hole at the top of the tube and at the top of the separate cup. Tie the string, one end to the tube and the other end to the cup. 
Fold the LUV•filled note in half the long way, and then roll. Place gently inside the tube.
Put the cap on... and voila, your LUV♥TUBE is ready. Seal it with a KiSS! 
>Throw in a couple of Hershey Kisses for an extra little surprise!< 
simpleprettyFUN, and Enviro-Friendly, too...
i >heart< them!!!!! and so do the kids ~>

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

V'Day Vase in a Snap(ple)!

Nothing says Valentine's Day more than
a beautiful vase with flowers
Hey kids, let's show a little extra LOVE this holiday season by
recycleing and repurposeing too.

For this project you will need a recycled glass Snapple Bottle, a big jar of ModPodge, pretty v-day colored tissue paper cut into little squares, heartfelt words, and a whole lot of LOVE!!!
First, using a small brush, put a little Mod Podge on the glass surface. Then put a tissue square on that spot and pat it down with your finger or brush. Then put a little Mod Podge on top of the tissue to get all the edges down.
Then repeat that over and over again, overlapping the squares, until the whole bottle is covered. 
Now it's time for the heartfelt words – I LOVE YOU... CUTIE PIE... YOU'RE THE BEST – you get the idea! I printed out a sheet of words using 12 point font, cutting and tearing  them beforehand so they're ready to apply. Put them on with a little Mod Podge, on top of your pretty tissue squares. Finish off with a final coat of Mod Podge, sealing the whole thing!
Check out all our finished V'Day Vases in a Snap(ple)!
Add some beautiful flowers... and of course, seal it with a Kiss!  

So simple, so pretty, so Enviro-Friendly, too...
i >heart< them!!!!! 

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kenmare HS, Jersey City - Inspiring Notebooks

Want to know what happens when you take a room full of awesome women, give them each a notebook, a pile of magazines, scissors & glue sticks... You get big smiles, lots of laughs, positive attitudes... and voila, Personalized Inspirational Notebooks. IT!

LOVE it!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kenmare HS, Jersey City - Valentine Vases

Spent the day in Jersey City with the wonderful women @ Kenmare High School ~> our new EcoArt program. EXCITING!

1st class, Valentine's Day Vases ~> LOVE IT!